• The transmission behavior was definitely from the pedal Commander. Never did it before install and hasn't done it since. My experience is just one person but for me it wasn't worth running the risk of it doing some damage just to get better throttle response.
  • In some cases, the throttle response is very hesitant and the pedal seems to "stick." The driver has to push it down harder and then ends up surging out of the stop. It is kind of like a drag racer, but obviously not to...
  • Nov 18, 2018 · Page 1 of 22 - I'm calling it, terrible throttle mapping. - posted in REV-GEN 4 (wide body) 4 stroke & Turbo: Im going to have to call out the guys in charge of mapping this thing. They did a terrible job, the amount of delay in the throttle is ridiculous and how slow the machine is to respond. Very disappointed in how they have it setup in sport mode. Once its moving sure its fast and it ...
When people talk about throttle response, they are most often talking about how the engine responds to throttle changes, not steady state driving. It seems like a better test to me would be to try all the modes with the tranny locked in 1st gear with rapid, drastic throttle changes on and off.
The default mode for throttle response is set to "incremental controlled over time". You can use VCDS, OBD11, Carista to change this to "direct controlled over", which will look at the depth of peddle depression, rather than the length of time it's been depressed.
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    Jan 26, 2019 · Changed the throttle response using Carista two weeks ago. Recently, I noticed that the MPG dropped dramatically from ~31 to ~27. I have been mainly driving on highway for most of the time. Other than that, I am happy with the mods . I do feel the difference between the default setting and direct threshold. Jul 25, 2019 · Poor throttle response Pricey MSRP $46,600.00. ... Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, and general phone tasks as well as HVAC control and vehicle behavior settings. The majority of system ... Every vehicle that I've done those particular mods to has retained that crisp throttle response at all temps like you get when it's really cold outside and still in open loop. These trucks are designed to run hot for emissions and it causes the ECU pull back spark timing giving it that lag feeling during closed loop. As the rider twists the throttle open or closed, the throttle valve is electronically controlled by the engine management system (EMS). The EMS continuously compares engine parameters with data from sensors, and adjusts the throttle valve accordingly, resulting in perfect power delivery and throttle response. The throttle response doesn't seem slow or late compared to my foot movement, but it seems like the torque isn't available in the lower rpm's Not going to "cure" the dull throttle response of these cars but will help a good bit.At Parameter menu point B you can choose between different control behaviors/control styles for your helicopter. This includes the maximum rotation rate of the helicopter as well as how sensitive MICROBEAST PLUS will react to stick inputs for aileron, elevator and rudder around the stick centre (Stick expo). I get no throttle response below mid stick. In LibrePilot, motors responds as expected (linear) in "Outputs", when "Test outputs" is checked and sliders are moved. In "Inputs", throttle shows correct movement, 991/1500/2016 (min/mid/max, FrSky Taranis). What can be the reason for this behavior? Fred Is it worth getting Carista to change the Throttle Response Behaviour from 'Gradual, controlled by time' to 'Direct, controlled by threshold' on a 2L TSI? Does it reduce low speed hesitation on a 2L TSI with DSG?May 31, 2018 · Throttle response behavior. Gradual, controlled by time / Direct, controlled by threshold. Hill start assist disengagement. Early / Normal / Late. Hill start assist activation threshold. 0 – 12 %. Dynamic start assist. Early / Normal / Late. Menu for lowering passenger-side mirror when in reverse gear. Yes / No Nov 14, 2016 · One is "Auto," where it looks at your driving style, and adjusts shift points and throttle response accordingly. If you're driving gently, it goes towards comfort/eco mode, which uses less fuel. If you drive aggressively, it goes toward sports mode, which keeps revs higher and uses more fuel. Jul 18, 2017 · If you have a JB4 with the engine off, ignition on. Do option 1,7 to reset adaptations. Drive around normally with no sudden throttle movements for about 15-25 miles so the DME can learn normal driving behavior and then do 2-3 WOT pulls (log these too and either post here or send to me) Jun 19, 2007 · RE: Non-Linear throttle response in default Beach King Air 350 The King Air has a turbo prop and has different characteristics in that it's a jet engine and the throttle isn't linear. It sprools up and down as jets do vs piston engines having compression that slow down quickly when fuel in not being applied. By this time my old bulbs had been thrown away so I purchased new regular bulbs and removed the LED's. The intermittent throttle response symptoms immediately disappeared and now the van runs fine again. I theorize that a couple of things may have caused this. 1. It's possible some EMI from the LED's was confusing the engine computer. The ECO button just changes the behavior of the throttle response to maximize fuel efficiency. I usually leave it on most of the time unless I'm in spot and go traffic. 2013 Triathlon Gray DCT black interior with style package purchased Sept 1,2012 (Manufactured Jun/25/12) 20% tint all around The net effect worsens a typical turbo application's throttle response. On a closing throttle, this sort of strategy certainly cleans up some emissions spikes, but it can also cause the engine to... Nov 18, 2017 · That HAS to include part throttle behavior, and Mr Brule included comments on that when they were discussing the dyno results. (165cc AFR heads on a 410 sbf!!) It seems many if not most on this forum are involved in some form of racing, which is great. You test the limits on the dyno and on the track, and share what you learn. I ordered a BBSHD kit system today, from a new delivery of 68-73mm size BB. I would like to know if the firmware of these new delivery BBSHD motors have the same problem of throttle / PAS response behavior as reported in other threads. The DNA settings adjust the throttle response and the turbo-boost pressure, and on the Ti Sport and Quadrifoglio, the suspension The system uses pneumatically controlled damper units and as well as altering suspension behaviour it can also controls sharpen steering and improve throttle response.There is some common misunderstanding on throttling in RxJava2, which leads to people by default using debounce. In this article we'll look at different throttling operators available in RxJava2.46 problems related to engine and engine cooling have been reported for the 2016 Ford F-150. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2016 Ford F-150 based on all problems reported for the 2016 F-150. Aug 13, 2020 · Assume this coding is different than the Carista Throttle response behavior change that can be made from gradual to direct? It’s basically additional steps to make that change effective. That change by itself is placebo.
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By this time my old bulbs had been thrown away so I purchased new regular bulbs and removed the LED's. The intermittent throttle response symptoms immediately disappeared and now the van runs fine again. I theorize that a couple of things may have caused this. 1. It's possible some EMI from the LED's was confusing the engine computer.

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  • Once the throttle hits about 1100 rpms the idle comes down almost as fast as it spiked. Placing my foot on the accelerator seems to have no affect on the erratic response. Yesterday, I pulled over to the side of the road to look up some information on the internet and while stopped I just held my foot on the brake with the turn signal on.
  • Sep 26, 2007 · 40mm Keihin FCR-type carburetor features four rollers on the flat slide, resulting in light throttle effort, smooth operation, crips throttle response and excellent rideability.

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This means if you jump from 0% throttle to 50% the voltage will increase half as fast as if you jumped to 100%. If you jump to 50% and your tau is 1/4 second, then after 1/4 second your pwm duty cycle will be 63.2%*50% = 31.60%. This is assuming the rest of your circuit is designed so that 100% throttle results in 100% duty cycle.

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  • Nov 17, 2020 · Throttle response is also not very crisp, I always have a 1-2 seconds of delay before the engine revs to 8000 in normal conditions, which makes it a bit tricky to ride around trees always trying to compensate for that 1-2 secs. Current clutch setup is the following with 21/49 gearing: 160/380 PL/PK primary spring 441 ramps
  • Jun 27, 2008 · it increases exhaust backpressure and robs engine efficiency on part throttle. True, but a turbocharger only increases backpressure when it is actually generating boost. It doesn't rob efficiency at part throttle. In addition a roots-blower without a clutch always robs some power from the crank at part throttle.

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Jun 01, 2017 · argument: During the throttle period, the SQM client compares the request message namespace and discard all requests where the request namespace matches the response namespace by using the throttle comparison namespace argument as specified in section and detailed in the following sections.

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"Funny" thing - the behavior gets markedly worse when restarting on a warmed up engine. ... I want direct throttle response, like on cable-operated bikes (K5, 954RR, Daytona etc).

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Every car has things like throttle tip-in, throttle mapping, transmission shift points, and for the most part, once you begin driving the car, even without thinking, you develop an internal map of x amount of pedal pressure will result in Y behavior. You calibrate your right foot accordingly and it soon becomes muscle memory.

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Is throttle behavior affected if you smooth it out? Not in my experience with either the WeaponX or SoCal Porting ported LT1 throttle bodies. Here's a look at the two of them so you can see the smooth/lack of a lip:

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