• Welcome to ACCURATE RELOADING. This site was started by a group of shooters, whose interests include hunting, target shooting and plain plinking. The idea was to share what we have learned from hunting, reloading, gunsmithing and any other shooting related ideas. We are not affiliated to any company involved in the shooting and hunting sports.
  • So I'm almost out of Unique, now I need another powder for my 44 mag plinker loads. Using 240 gr LSWC. Has anyone tried Red Dot with success? I ask cause I have a bunch of Red Dot and can't seem to find any other pistol powders in my area. Thanks, C1
  • Super Blackhawks are well known in the world of big-bore revolvers for their sheer strength and durability. They are capable of handling higher pressure handloads than found in standard factory 44 Magnum. For example, standard Federal 240gr JHP (Mfg. part number AE44A) produces roughly 800 ft-lbs. at the muzzle.
I broke down and ordered a Ruger Blackhawk in 44 Magnum today. 5 1/2 inch barrel. I'm heading to my local Graf's retail store next weekend for dies, brass and bullets. I have a jug of Lil Gun I'll be using for full blown Magnum loads but am looking for some molder loads as well. If I can find the powder. Wow. Anyway.
.44 Magnum For Deer. A .44 Mag rifle is a great option for hunting deer. Whitetail deer, for example, will fall to a 300 grain round easily. .44 Magnum For Elk. When it comes to hunting elk, it is well debated whether the .44 Magnum is a good round. In many cases, the round will take down an elk as long as you are able to place it well.
Does anyone have any good light plinking load recipes for a 44 mag handgun? I use almost nothing but AA #9 powder in my 44 mag revolvers. #7 should give you a much lighter recoil. Try 17 grains of #7 under a 200 grain jacketed bullet. I use 20.5 grains of #9 under a 250 grain cast lead bullet with a gas check for 1380 fps.
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  • 44 magnum plinking loads

    Medium Velocity.44 Magnum Loads Plinking/Hunting Bigger Critters Just curious if anyone does any shooting with a "medium velocity".44 Magnum load on a regular basis, perhaps even for hunting. I've always enjoyed shooting jacketed rounds at the 1000 fps to 1100 fps level in my.44 Magnum (more like hot.44 Special loads really).Varmint/Plinking/Target (1) ... .357 Mag 180 Grain Round Nose Flat Point Bear Load Ammo. ... American Eagle .44 Rem Magnum 240 Grain JHP Ammo. The .44 Special experience is with two Charter Arms Bulldogs (since traded off), a S&W 696 and reduced loads in .44 Magnum revolvers. I can quickly grow tired of full-power loads in .44 Magnum and will switch to the .44 Special with 6.5 grains of Unique with a 200 grain bullet load. It's pretty heavy for it's size and the weight does a good job of absorbing recoil. 44 specials barely kick in a rifle that weighs over 8 1/2 lbs. and it's generally a mild shooting rifle even with max loaded 44 mag through it. My practice loads are 9.5-10 gr. of Unique under a 240 gr. LSWC. (light load 44 mag) My son can shoot that load no ... Oct 22, 2020 · The pre-pandemic availability of .357 and .38 special ammo made the .357 much cheaper to take plinking or target shooting. For hunting duties, I am of the opinion that quality .357 loads are plenty capable of effectively and ethically taking game. 44 Mag. brass can be loaded straight out of the reloading manual with 44 Special loads, for target or plinking. Ofcourse, the 44 Mag. can be loaded with its' well known "full house" loads for deer, bear, boar, etc. Should you decide to sell a 44 Mag., it will be easier to move, than a 45 Colt. Favorite plinking ammo for Henry Big Boy 44 Mag I'm looking to hear what brands and specific loads you have had good success with. I really enjoy the Fiochhi loads in my revolver but have issues feeding in my Henry. Jan 04, 2010 · I only mention this because I got some for my 44 Special. In my 629 with a 8 3/8 tube, this 7gr. load shoots very good. In fact, I have not found a load that shoots the 240 SWC better in my 44 mag. Not so in the Special, but I have more loads too try before I'm convinced. It's fun shooting this light accurate load in my big Smith. Good luck! This makes the .44 Special cartridge an attractive alternative for reduced velocity target shooting and plinking. The recent popularity of cowboy action shooting has also helped pique interest in the .44 Special, motivating manufacturers to offer modern and reproduction firearms chambered for this classic cartridge. Currently a variety of factory ammunition loadings are available in .44 Special, including bullet weights of 135, 165, 180, 200, 240, 246, and 250 grains (16 g) at various ... For an afternoon of plinking, it's hard to beat a.44 loaded with light recoiling loads. How much crimp a.44 Magnum case requires is open to debate. A firm grip of the case mouth on a bullet is supposed to check bullet movement for just a millisecond to build pressure, so Magnum cases full of slow-burning powders burn uniformly and completely.44 MAG Brass: The most powerful commercial handgun cartridge for several years, the .44 Magnum is still one of the most popular handgun cartridges in the world. Almost every major handgun manufacturer produces a firearm in this caliber. It is also availab Mar 28, 2019 · However, I loaded the 44 mag for a super redhawk with 7.5" barrel. Deer load was 20 grains of 2400 with 240 grain Hornady XTP. The plinking and turkey load was 7.5 grains unique with 200 grain hornady. The light load was plenty accurate and just a dream to shoot. the stouter load was good enough to keep five shots in an 6 in plate out to 80-85 yards. Varmint/Plinking/Target (1) ... .357 Mag 180 Grain Round Nose Flat Point Bear Load Ammo. ... American Eagle .44 Rem Magnum 240 Grain JHP Ammo. My 2 44 Mag powders are W 296 with full power heavy bullets & H universal for plinking loads with lighter bullets. I have 240 & 250 grn for the 296 & 200 grn for the universal. I just got some beartooth bullets in hardcast 250 grn GC to load with the 296. I also got some 185 grn for 357 mag loadings. I will also use 296 for that. If you're not a reloader, I would go with .45 Colt, and here's why: Both .357 and .44 Magnums allow you the flexibility of using "special" versions of those calibers for practice, plinking, self-defense, SASS matches, or whatever. So far so good. The problem is the magnum loadings are immensely powerful, and the special loadings are relatively ... Apr 21, 2009 · Bullet weight is reason enough to get a 50ae if you can, the .44 is fairly limited Post Apr 21, 2009 #12 2009-04-22T00:21 Magnum Research says it can be ported no idea how much it takes away from the gas system most gas operated guns can be. Loads for .44 Magnum: (Note: These are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start.) (See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders.) Bullet sizes vary from .429" for jacketed to .432" for some lead in diameter. Due to different barrel lengths, type of bullet, seating depth, primer type and other factors, you may not get ...Apr 01, 2019 · .44 Magnum bullet that's been fired The .44 Magnum round is a type of ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas. 1 Background 2 Characteristics 2.1 Weapons using this ammunition 2.2 Crafting 2.3 Breakdown 3 Variants 3.1 .44 Magnum round, hollow point 3.2 .44 Magnum round, semiwadcutter (SWC) 3.3 .44 Special round 3.4 .44 Magnum round (junk) 3.5 Comparison 4 Locations 5 Bugs 6 Gallery The powerful .44 ... Handgun Reloading Dies.32 ACP.32 S&W long carbide.38/357.40 Smith and Wesson.44 Magnum.45 ACP; 9mm Parabellum; 9mm Parabellum; ... GAMO DIAMOND PLINKING TARGET ... May 19, 2019 · Powerful enough that a 44 magnum in a fairly hot load is, for many, just a bit too powerful for casual plinking or punching paper. Light enough that people have invented much more powerful handguns. May 19, 2019 · Powerful enough that a 44 magnum in a fairly hot load is, for many, just a bit too powerful for casual plinking or punching paper. Light enough that people have invented much more powerful handguns. Plinking bullets for sure target shooting for sure 10yds group size 3 square inch not too shabby hand full of imperfections but shoot those out the way highly recommended for reloading fast easy and best of all FREE SHIPPING cant beat that come on purchase 2,000 you wont be disappointed CCI 3744 .44SPL / MAG Blazer Shotshell Ammunition 140gr. Mfg Item Num: 3744 Category: Shotshell Caliber :44 Special / 44 Magnum Velocity :1000 Bullet Weight :140 GR .. Aug 27, 2020 · For general target shooting and plinking, it would be hard to beat the cost of lead bullets. FMJ bullets are generally extremely reliable in feeding and functioning and make good target bullets. Hornady offers several polymer-­tipped hunting bullets intended for use in pistol-­caliber lever-­action rifles to include the .357 Mag. and .44 Mag. Jan 28, 2014 · Well with my 357 mass loading out of the way I am on to my 44 mag brass collection. Using Berrys Bullets I landed at 22gr of H110 for the best accuracy out of my Anaconda, but it was a bit peppy and I plan on bringing the jacketed plinking load down to 21 grains, and loading at 22gr for hunting rounds (XTP).
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Sep 16, 2018 · I always use magnum primers in the .44 mag they are really needed with powders like WW296 and other slow burning powders. The only exception is when I load light loads of Unique for plinking. The use of regular primers could definitely cause your groups to open up at 100 yards due to inconsistent ignition.

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  • Best 44 Mag Range Ammo
  • A wide-meplat, heavy, hard-cast, gas-checked bullet is the best hunting bullet available in the 44 mag. It will out penetrate any jacketed bullet and the wide-meplat makes it the hardest hitting bullet as well, by far. I've killed a lot of stuff with the 310 True Shot g.c.

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Dec 20, 2013 · If your planning to handload, and hot rod, you'll be hard pressed to beat a ruger GP100. They also have The Redhawks in 44mag and 45 Colt. I reload all my ammo and I don't shoot my real heavy loads in my Smith 686. For the 44 mag, I prefer mine in single action Blackhawks.

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  • Load for 38 Special/357 Mag, 44 Special/44 Mag, 44-40 & 45 ACP. Never tried a different brand pistol primer since I bought 10K back in the 90’s of each. Used to shoot a lot of pistol rounds per annum, nowadays a handful at most while hunting pigs with lever rifles.
  • I am researching to find a load approximately 800fps for a lighter recoil using 44 Magnum cases. I found that Alliant lists 7.0gr of Unique as max. Lyman shows 10.0 as minimum at 1100 fps. I am thinking of using 6.5gr of Unique with 240gr SWC hard cast bullets.

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Aug 17, 2019 · Reloading 38 special / 357 Mag / Titegroup / H110 Part 2 Testing out 15.0 gr of H110 for the 357 and testing some plinking ammo from Accura for the 38 special with Titegroup. +40

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My 2 44 Mag powders are W 296 with full power heavy bullets & H universal for plinking loads with lighter bullets. I have 240 & 250 grn for the 296 & 200 grn for the universal. I just got some beartooth bullets in hardcast 250 grn GC to load with the 296. I also got some 185 grn for 357 mag loadings. I will also use 296 for that.

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Jul 04, 2020 · The CCI Mini-Mag is available in boxes of one hundred rounds with a more reasonable price than its competitors. It brings the muzzle velocity at 1260 feet per second. Especially, hundreds of bullets can be burned with perfect accuracy. CCI Mini-Mag 36gr is on-the-shelf in boxes of one hundred rounds.

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The .44 Magnum has a ton more peritration over the .30-30 Winchester. The bulliet is twice as heavy and modren bulliets are all about weight retention. Where as the are three .30-30 rounds that a notortious for shattering in game thus making a awsome self deafense round.

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